| COP27 is a moment to reclaim justice.

Rich countries’ fossil fuel addiction, inaction, and delay are causing suffering and losses across the globe, fuelled by colonialism and corporate greed. As countries gather in Sharm el-Sheikh from November 7-17, 2022, Canada must come ready to offer real solidarity to Africa and the Global South and stand up for climate justice and human rights. Global cooperation and accountability from developed nations is imperative in order to build a better world for all.

Our Vision

COP27 is the climate justice and human rights COP: a COP that reflects the reality of the climate crisis, where inaction and delay will lead to losses, damages, and suffering.

We know that addressing losses and damages with urgency means anticipating as much as possible near-term losses and working to prevent future ones. It means accelerating efforts to limit global warming to 1.5° C and aligning our actions with science. It means following the leadership of the people on the frontlines of the energy, food, climate, and social crises. It means fighting the injustices fuelling the climate crisis and the destruction of nature, and exposing the systems that put fossil fuel companies’ interests ahead of people’s lives.

Our Demands

Canada can continue propping up the fatal and unjust status quo – or it can finally step up. We call on Canada to come to COP27 as a partner to Africa and the Global South with an offer built off equity, solidarity, and climate, environmental and energy justice.

  • Support loss & damage response finance, to aid recovery for communities who bear the least responsibility for the climate crisis but are hardest-hit by its impacts.

  • Raise ambition, accelerate implementation & increase accountability on national climate goals, which require a rapid and equitable transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

  • Come as a partner to Africa and the Global South, ready to deliver on its financial obligations and increase support for adaptation.

  • Make COP27 a turning point for climate justice and adaptation.

Read our expectations for Canada at COP27


COP27 takes place in a year of devastating climate impacts, as the world grapples with a fossil fuel crisis and its consequences for affordability and food security. It takes place on African soil – an opportunity to ensure that the voices of the people on the front lines of the climate emergency are front and centre.

Watch our media briefing, featuring climate experts and activists from across Canada and around the world, to learn more about the context and movements’ expectations for what COP27 must deliver.

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Hear from Canadian climate activists about what a successful COP27 would mean for the way we live, our communities and our future.

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