The fight for climate action is first and foremost a fight for justice

Climate change is not just an environmental problem. It is a human problem that impacts and exacerbates the most critical issues of our time, from health, to economic inequality, to racial justice. The impacts of climate change are felt by all populations and species on earth. In order to find solutions that work, we must solve it together.

Climate Action Network – Réseau action climat Canada is the farthest-reaching network of organizations taking action on climate and energy issues in the land currently called Canada. We work to forge connections and build consensus for transformative climate action and justice, at home and internationally.

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To combat climate change, particularly by building social consensus for the implementation of comprehensive climate change action plans by all levels of government, based on the best available science, with specific policies, targets, timetables and reporting, and to work with Canada’s governments, First Nations, Inuit and Métis, private sector, labour, and civil society for the effective implementation of these plans.


National policy

We work to advocate for and strengthen climate policy at home.

International Climate Diplomacy

We work with allies around the world to build global momentum for climate action.

Network Convening

We bring together a wide range of members to share knowledge and build power.