Election 2021

Real leadership in the climate emergency

This election, Canada is at a crossroads.

At the start of the summer, the village of Lytton, B.C. shattered Canada’s all-time heat record for three days in a row before burning to the ground. That same week, there was massive flooding in the Yukon, hundreds of people died in B.C. from extreme heat, and more than a billion sea creatures cooked in their shells. The land currently called Canada was on fire from B.C. to Ontario, and the smoke stretched to the East Coast.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released in August, dubbed “code red for humanity,” makes it clear that without immediate, transformative action, this will be the new normal. This is not the world we want to live in. We have the power to choose a different path, if we act with the urgency and the ambition the crisis demands. The polls show that climate change will be top of mind for Canadians this election – but it is far from a single, isolated issue. Climate is intertwined with every other aspect of our lives: health, jobs, housing, education, social justice, and security. It impacts the well-being of every person, as well as every other species that shares this planet with us.

This is not the world we want to live in. We have the power to choose a different path, if we act with the urgency and the ambition the crisis demands.

In consultation with our members, Climate Action Network has set out a list of policies that we expect all parties to champion in order to to build the society we want and need. These policy priorities were shared with all parties early in the election campaign. We invite everyone to read through these demands and to call on your candidates to commit to acting on them.

Read our calls to action for all parties this election.

Climate action roundtable

On Thursday, September 16th at 7:00 PM (Eastern Time), Climate Action Network Canada will host a bilingual roundtable discussion bringing together representatives from all major parties to participate in a constructive dialogue on how to advance climate action in Canada.

Fatima Syed, host of the CANADALAND Backbench podcast, and Caroline Brouillette, Domestic Policy Manager at Climate Action Network Canada, will moderate the conversation. We’ll hear how each party plans to build a safe and healthy future for people and the planet – and how and when they’ll implement those plans.

Broadcast on both Zoom and Facebook Live, this 90-minute event will dig into the issues with each party through an extensive Q&A. If you’re tuning in via Zoom, you’ll have access to simultaneous translation, in addition to English-language closed captioning – numbers are limited, so register now!

This is the conversation voters need. Be sure to join us on Thursday alongside Dan Albas, Laurel Collins, Kristina Michaud, Dr. Imre Szeman, and the Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson to have your questions answered ahead of election day. Together, we can determine what real climate leadership looks like.


Election survey responses

CAN-Rac sent this election questionnaire to Canadian federal parties. These questions are based on the priorities identied by our membership – what parties must commit to in order to demonstrate real climate leadership.

This questionnaire shows what each party has committed to doing; it is not an examination of their records or a detailed analysis of their proposals. Instead, it is meant to shed light on how their promises measure up against the essential elements of leadership in a climate emergency.

View the questionnaire.

View the summary chart.