Provincial and Territorial Climate Change Leadership In Canada Conference

New! We are now posting presentations from our workshops  - check out what we have below. 

Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada (CAN-Rac) was proud to see such a great turnout for the Provincial and Territorial Climate Change Leadership in Canada Conference held on November 1st and 2nd!  Member organizations and advocates representing faith, youth, labour, environmental, Aboriginal, health and international development organizations from across the country came together with industry professionals, municipal and provincial governments with the purpose of addressing climate change policy and strategy at a provincial level.

Some very interesting debates and conversations came out of these efforts and future action strategies have been explored to determine how successful policies and practices can be applied across jurisdictions. As such, Climate Action Network Canada is pleased to announce that some workshop presentations are now available for download; breakout sessions and workshop summaries will soon be available as well.

We would also like to send out a special thank you to all our speakers, organizers, donors and contributors who have made this event possible.  In addition, we would like to thank all the participants for coming out and for contributing so much to the success of this event.


-Climate Action Network Canada

Workshop 1 - Beyond coal and gas: Getting fossil fuels out of our electricity supply.

Workshop 2 - Public Power: Public sector leadership in delivering climate change and new energy solutions

Workshop 4 - Spurring innovation and energy efficiency by pricing carbon pollution