Towards a Sustainable Energy Strategy


Saskatchewan Environmental Network
January, 2007

This report is intended to help decision-makers to begin taking seriously the possibility of a sustainable, safe, environment- and climate-friendly energy future for Saskatchewan. We identify the nature of the resources, technologies and opportunities available to us, the barriers to their adoption, and practical steps towards a transition to an energy system based on efficiency and safe, sustainable, renewable resources.…

Issues in Bioenergy Development in Western Canada


Ewen Coxworth
November, 2005

This review paper examines some of the criticisms leveled by Pimentel and Patzek (2005) and others at ethanol production from grains, grasses and wood, and looks at possible solutions for western Canada to the issues they raised. This present report discusses ethanol produced from grain or from lignocellulosic raw materials, such as sawdust, bark, perennial grass hays or crop residues. The main emphasis is on ethanol made from small grains, such as CPS wheat, since most …