Experts respond to outcome of UN climate talks in Doha

Rich countries brought little to the table to fulfill their promises in Doha

December 8, 2012

(Doha, Qatar) This year’s UN climate talks wrapped up after many hours …

Civil society interventions – meeting with Minister Kent

Civil society interventions
Meeting with Minister Peter Kent
December 6, 2012
Doha, Qatar

Submitted interventions
John Stone- IPCC scientist

Scientists have been warning governments of the potential threat of climate …

Civil society delivers powerful messages to Minister Kent in Doha

Environment Minister meets for first time with climate focused civil society 

December 6, 2012

(Doha, Qatar) Today, for the first time since taking the position of Environment Minister, …

Canada’s Climate Legacy: Global Pariah & Master of Illusion

 Wednesday, December 06, 2012

Canada’s Climate Legacy: Global Pariah & Master of Illusion

Since our dramatic finish at last year’s UN Climate Conference in Durban, we’ve seen several reports desperately

Canada ranked as worst performer in the developed world on climate change

Canada trailed only by Kazakhstan, Iran and Saudi Arabia in 2013 climate change performance index

December 3, 2012

(Doha, Qatar) Canada fell to 58th place out of …

Another fossil for yet another broken promise…

Canada is awarded a Fossil of the Day award in Doha for yet another broken promise….

The text of the award was as follows:

‘Oh Canada. When will you give

Dear Canada

Do you remember last year? We do. ECO desperately hoped the hallway rumours of a Kyoto withdrawal weren’t true, but the second your Minister left the fine city of Durban, …

Canada singled out on climate finance in Doha with a first place Fossil of the Day

Canada awarded “Fossil of the Day” for holding back on urgent financial support for climate action in poorer countries

November 28, 2012

(Doha, Qatar) Canada was awarded the first place …

Letter: Minister Kent on Climate Finance

A letter from Environment Minister Kent to Climate Action Network Canada outlining the Canadian government’s position on international climate finance. This position has been heavily criticized and resulted in a First Place …