COP 18

Doha dissapoints/Harper gives green light for Nexen takeover

Developed Countries Disappoint in DohaAfter hours of dramatic overtime, this year’s UN climate talks wrapped up with little to brag about. With controversy erupting towards to end, the most notable take-away was a powerful message from the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries. Particularly memorable was an appeal for action by a Philippines delegate while Typhoon Bopha simultaneously devastated his country. Developing nations left angered and deeply concerned by the lack of financial support from the

Civil society interventions – meeting with Minister Kent

Civil society interventions
Meeting with Minister Peter Kent
December 6, 2012
Doha, Qatar

Submitted interventions
John Stone- IPCC scientist

Scientists have been warning governments of the potential threat of climate change for almost half a century. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded in its Fourth Assessment Report in 2007 that: “Warming of the climate system is now unequivocal”. The scientific community is now concerned that we are running out of time to avoid serious impacts to our economy, …

Civil society delivers powerful messages to Minister Kent in Doha

Environment Minister meets for first time with climate focused civil society 

December 6, 2012

(Doha, Qatar) Today, for the first time since taking the position of Environment Minister, Peter Kent met with climate-focused civil society groups at a UN climate conference. In comparison, since becoming Minister of the Environment Kent has met with the fossil fuel lobby over 48 times. According to one new report, the oil industry has met with federal public office holders 463% more than …

Canada’s Climate Legacy: Global Pariah & Master of Illusion

 Wednesday, December 06, 2012

Canada’s Climate Legacy: Global Pariah & Master of Illusion

Since our dramatic finish at last year’s UN Climate Conference in Durban, we’ve seen several reports desperately warning of the severe consequences and missed opportunities of Canada’s inaction on climate change from organizations such as the International Energy Agency, the World Bank and the National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy. In the midst of this year’s UN Climate Conference in Doha (COP18), the Canadian

Canada ranked as worst performer in the developed world on climate change

Canada trailed only by Kazakhstan, Iran and Saudi Arabia in 2013 climate change performance index

December 3, 2012

(Doha, Qatar) Canada fell to 58th place out of 61 countries analyzed for their policies and action on climate change this year, trailed only by Kazakhstan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The annual Climate Change Performance Index is released by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe and is based on an analysis of government climate policy in each country.

“At …