A Collection of CAN Canada and Member Publications

Canada misses end of March deadline for announcing its contribution to global efforts to reduce carbon pollution

Ottawa, Canada. April 1, 2015. Canada, as part of the ongoing United Nations climate negotiations, should have announced by the end of March its plan for contributing to global efforts to reduce carbon pollution. We’ve written Prime Minister Stephen …

Stuck in the Tar Sands: How the Federal Government’s Proposed Climate Change Strategy Lets Oil Companies off the Hook


If greenhouse gas pollution from Alberta’s tar sands industry continues to grow at its projected rate, it will be nearly impossible for Canada to do its fair share to stop global warming. That’s why the credibility of any federal climate …

Our Nation, Their Interest


A new report by Environmental Defence and ForestEthics called “Our Nation, Their Interest: The Case Against the Northern Gateway Pipeline and Tanker Project” was released today as part of a BC delegation to Ottawa. The report documents the reasons why …