IPCC Working Group 2 Report Briefings

Immediately before and in the weeks after the report launch, Climate Action

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Managing BC’s Forests for a Cooler Planet: Carbon Storage, Sustainable Jobs and Conservation

Climate Change has hit BC forests hard. A billion or more pine trees are

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A New Climate for Conservation: Nature, Carbon and Climate Change in British Columbia

A New Climate for Conservation: Nature, Carbon and Climate Change in British Columbia explores the role of nature

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Stuck in the Tar Sands: How the Federal Government’s Proposed Climate Change Strategy Lets Oil Companies off the Hook

If greenhouse gas pollution from Alberta’s tar sands industry continues to grow at its projected rate, it will be nearly impossible for Canada to do its fair share to stop …

Greening the Grid: Powering Alberta’s Future with Renewable Energy

This report presents a comprehensive analysis of Alberta’s power production

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Dirty oil: How the tar sands are fueling the global climate crisis

Global oil addiction and an international failure to establish a price on carbon have created an explosive

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Provincial Power Play: Breaking Away from Federal Inaction on Climate Change

A remarkable shift in global climate change politics and policy has occurred in Canada over the past two years. When the David Suzuki Foundation first assessed provincial and territorial action …

Our Nation, Their Interest

A new report by Environmental Defence and ForestEthics called “Our Nation, Their Interest: The Case Against the Northern Gateway Pipeline and Tanker Project” was released today as part of a …

We should assess new pipelines like the Americans do

Clare Demerse

Over the last few months, debates about pipelines have become a staple of the news in Canada. Indeed, pipelines have become the main pretext for our conversations about …

So who does Rex Murphy work for?

By Kevin Grandia

There is a brewing controversy swirling around longtime CBC commentator Rex Murphy and his relationship with Canada’s oil industry.

As long time readers of DeSmog know, Murphy …

Submission to Quebec on cap-and-trade regulations

Ensuring the environmental integrity of Quebec’s cap-andtrade system

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Greening the NWT Economy: Local Pathways in Territorial Prosperity

As governments and societies around the world grapple with the recent economic meltdown, there is a need to turn this crisis into an opportunity, to rethink our northern economy so …

A Guide to Energy Efficiency for Religious Buildings in Nova Scotia

The purpose of this guide is to provide congregations with information and suggestions on energy efficiency and how to retrofit their place of worship. This guide complements the information provided …

Roadmap to a Self-Sufficient Energy Future

There is a growing consensus that we must stop the planet from warming by 2 degrees C to avoid the most serious consequences of climate change. This objective requires industrialized …

When will Harper’s people stop denying climate change?

By Cameron Fenton

One of most unpredictable and dangerous impacts of climate change is the threat it poses to our ability to grow and harvest food across Canada and around …

Reality Check: Water and the Tar Sands

Big Oil is spending millions of dollars to try to greenwash the tar sands, Canada’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas pollution. A new report, Reality Check: Water and the

Pretending Keystone XL Politics Is Science

By Paul Thacker

Last Friday, InsideClimate News revealed yet another possible conflict of interest in the ongoing drama surrounding the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline. It turns out that “the …

More Bang For Our Buck

Canada’s increasing reliance on the oil sands is not the best strategy for the economy or our environment. This report shows if the $1.3 billion in government subsidies, now given …

More Jobs, Less Pollution: Why Energy Conservation is Common Sense for Ontario

Energy conservation is common sense for Ontario. This report shows that cutting electricity and natural gas use by 25 per cent by 2025 would create 25,000 new jobs, reduce federal …

Reality Check: Air Pollution and the Tar Sands

Big Oil is spending millions of dollars on ads, desperately trying to convince Canadians that the tar sands are not harming our air. But don’t believe the slick PR spin. …

The High Costs of Sprawl: A Report on Why Building More Sustainable Communities Will Save Us Time and Money

In the Greater Golden Horseshoe, urban sprawl is hurting our wallets, our environment, our economy and our health.

Sprawl developments rely on government policies that create hidden subsidies for sprawl

Building Ontario’s Green Economy: A Road Map

Ontario is a North American green economy leader, yet there is still much more to be done if we are to truly pursue a resource efficient, socially inclusive, low carbon …

Climate Action News: The War Against the Fight to Save the Planet + The Budget Deficit that Really Matters

The war against the fight to save the planet

We are alarmed about the recent CBC report that the Canada Revenue Agency is targeting a number of environmental groups – …

State Department gets in bed with oil industry on Keystone pipeline

By Tzeporah Berman,

The U.S. State Department handed President Barack Obama a poisoned chalice when it delivered its review of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline linking the U.S. Gulf Coast

The Budget that Canada Should Really Be Worried About

By Cameron Fenton
National Director, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition

On Feb. 11, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will deliver the 2014 federal budget. An early budget with little expected in the …