Tracking the Global Energy Revolution 2015

Clean Energy Canada

Clean Energy Canada

Executive Summary

We kicked off last year’s inaugural edition of this report with the observation that clean energy had made the leap from “boutique” to “big.” That trend continued in 2014, as the global energy revolution went into high gear. The most remarkable piece of evidence: The International Energy Agency (IEA) found that global growth in greenhouse gas emissions stalled in 2014, even as the economy continued to grow. The agency attributed this to the ramp-up of renewable energy and …

What to look for in the Canadian Energy Strategy

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What to look for in the Canadian Energy Strategy
July 13, 2015

Since 2012 there have been discussions between provincial and territorial governments to craft a Canadian energy strategy that would guide the development of Canada’s energy resources. Provincial efforts to find common ground on energy issues have become increasingly important due to the federal government’s failure to advance strategies related to energy development—other than for Alberta’s tar sands—and its lack of leadership on climate change.

Last August in …

Environmental Commissioner releases 2 climate change reports

Connecting the dots - ECO Report

ECOJuly 14, 2015 – Ontario’s environmental watchdog, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), has been very active on its climate change file over the past week.

Last week, the ECO released its annual Greenhouse Gas Progress Report, which tracks the province’s  progress towards meetings its GHG reduction targets.

Today, the ECO released a special report on the state of climate data in Ontario, along with a fun animated video and infographics to help get the following message across: more …

Scientists call for a moratorium on oil sands development (10 Reasons)

Decisions about the development of the vast oil sands† deposits in Alberta and elsewhere in North America are among the biggest we face as Canadians and Americans. Their consequences for our national economies and shared environment will last decades to centuries. These decisions transcend the boundaries of scientific disciplines in ways that challenge accurate summary in media and debate.

We, a diverse group of natural and social scientists from both countries, began talking to each other because concerns about the …

How Much Climate Change Mitigation Action Would Result From Efforts Comparable to Canadian Provinces’ Climate Targets?

June 03, 2015
By Christian Holz

Earlier today, I presented at the 2015 Annual Conference of the Environmental Studies Association of Canada, as part of Congress 2015 in Ottawa. Here are the slides of my presentation and below is a slightly edited version of the talk I had prepared. The presentation was entitled “Do Unto Others… How Much Climate Change Mitigation Action Would Result From Efforts Comparable to Canadian Provinces’ Climate Targets?”, and here you go.

What I am going …