Acidic water blamed for West Coast scallop die-off

By Randy Shore

Ten million scallops that have died in the waters near Qualicum Beach due to rising ocean acidity are the latest victims in a series of marine die-offs …

Solar power had a huge year in 2013

By Mike G

A new report out from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) shows that solar power came an incredibly long way toward asserting itself as …

Enbridge announces $7B Line 3 rebuild, largest project in company history

By Heather Libby

In its largest capital project in history, Enbridge plans to do what Transcanada so far can’t — ship more than half a million barrels of heavy oil …

Wind, solar proponents have high hopes for Alberta renewable energy framework

By Amanda Stephenson

CALGARY – The solar and wind industries could be about to take off, proponents say, if a long-awaited renewable energy framework becomes a reality in Alberta.

The …

Aboriginal rights a threat to Canada’s resource agenda, documents reveal

By Martin Lukacs

The Canadian government is increasingly worried that the growing clout of aboriginal peoples’ rights could obstruct its aggressive resource development plans, documents reveal.

Since 2008, the Ministry …

New global study finds Canada lagging behind China on climate change legislation

By Kevin Grandia

A frequently used talking point from Prime Minister Stephen Harper is that Canada will only tackle the issue of climate change if countries like China agree to …

Keystone XL protesters arrested at White House

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Police arrested hundreds of people who strapped themselves to the White House fence on Sunday to protest the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The protesters

Acidic water blamed for West Coast scallop die-off

By Randy Shore

Ten million scallops that have died in the waters near Qualicum Beach due to rising ocean acidity are the latest victims in a series of marine die-offs …

Peter Mansbridge Was Paid By Oil And Gas Lobby For Speech

CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge was paid by a top oil and gas industry group to give a speech on energy, raising new questions about the broadcaster’s conflict of interest policies …

Is he missing the point? Rex Muphy’s oil sands speeches defended

The Huffington Post Alberta

Rex Murphy just doesn’t get it.

That’s how iPolitics columnist Andrew Mitrovica sees the CBC pundit’s self-defense amid a controversy over his support of the oilsands.…

Enbridge Line 9: W5 uncovers unreported spills, alarming communities along 830-km pipe


An aging Enbridge pipeline that runs across Ontario has had at least 35 spills — far more than reported to federal regulators — but many municipalities along

Our Nation, Their Interest

A new report by Environmental Defence and ForestEthics called “Our Nation, Their Interest: The Case Against the Northern Gateway Pipeline and Tanker Project” was released today as part of a …

We should assess new pipelines like the Americans do

Clare Demerse

Over the last few months, debates about pipelines have become a staple of the news in Canada. Indeed, pipelines have become the main pretext for our conversations about …

Big Oil’s inside track in Ottawa spelled out in black and white

By PressProgress

Wouldn’t it be nice to be given copies of early drafts of government plans to provide edits and feedback?

Internal documents from Natural Resources Canada, released to PressProgress …

In new Pacific trade talks leak, “climate” becomes the unmentionable


Time to get excited, everyone: There’s a freshly leaked document from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in town, courtesy of the Peruvian website The mega-secretive, three-years-in-the-making …

Global Shift to Clean Energy No Longer ‘Theoretical’

By Geoff Dembicki

We’re not totally screwed. I doubt Ethan Zindler would use those exact words to describe the rapid global transition to cleaner forms of energy he’s spent the …

So who does Rex Murphy work for?

By Kevin Grandia

There is a brewing controversy swirling around longtime CBC commentator Rex Murphy and his relationship with Canada’s oil industry.

As long time readers of DeSmog know, Murphy …

Nebraska judge strikes down law that let Keystone pipeline through state


WASHINGTON—Canada’s lobbying campaign for the Keystone XL pipeline took an unexpected blow Wednesday when a Nebraska judge struck down an industry-friendly law used to determine its path

Submission to Quebec on cap-and-trade regulations

Ensuring the environmental integrity of Quebec’s cap-andtrade system for global warming emissions Authors: Dale Marshall and Ian Bruce, David Suzuki Foundation, Steven Guilbeault, Équiterre.…

Greening the NWT Economy: Local Pathways in Territorial Prosperity

As governments and societies around the world grapple with the recent economic meltdown, there is a need to turn this crisis into an opportunity, to rethink our northern economy so …

A Guide to Energy Efficiency for Religious Buildings in Nova Scotia

The purpose of this guide is to provide congregations with information and suggestions on energy efficiency and how to retrofit their place of worship. This guide complements the information provided …

When will Harper’s people stop denying climate change?

By Cameron Fenton

One of most unpredictable and dangerous impacts of climate change is the threat it poses to our ability to grow and harvest food across Canada and around …

Rex Murphy’s pro-oil sands speech prompts CBC to review journalistic rules

By Mychaylo Prystupa

On Jan.17, on his weekly spot on CBC’s The National, Rex Murphy slammed Neil Young for what he called the rockstar’s “unfathomably irresponsible” comments against Alberta’s oil …

Pretending Keystone XL Politics Is Science

By Paul Thacker

Last Friday, InsideClimate News revealed yet another possible conflict of interest in the ongoing drama surrounding the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline. It turns out that “the …

John Kerry Calls Climate Change ‘World’s Most Fearsome’ Weapon Of Mass Destruction

By Joe Romm

Secretary of State John Kerry gave perhaps his strongest climate speechin Indonesia Sunday. He called climate change the “world’s most fearsome” weapon of mass destruction and …