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Celebrating over 100 organizations calling for an end to tax breaks to oil and gas!


We are proud to say that an open letter calling for an end to special tax breaks for the oil and gas sector in Canada has reached over 100 diverse organizations across the country! We still have a few weeks left until the budget - can you help us double this number? Check out the Letter and other ways to get involved here! Check out our tax break counter widget (on the website it moves....) and then post it on your website or blog...

Check out our Press Release: Canadians want an end to tax breaks for oil and gas companies

New report shows tar sands true greenhouse gas emissions

Reaction from Climate Action Network Canada to a new report submitted to the European Commission on the dirty truth about tar sands greenhouse gas emissions.

"This report blows the lid off of the Canadian and Albertan government's campaign of misinformation in promoting dirty tar sands fuel in the European Union. The report clearly lays the grounds for strong clean fuel policies in Europe, which ensure that the tar sands are held accountable for their substantially higher greenhouse gas emissions. The Government's of Canada and Alberta have been engaging in false advertising of the tar sands, and Europe is not buying it. We look forward to seeing European Parliament integrate this important research into their progressive clean fuel policy, the fuel quality directive." more.

New Polaris report on electric cars in the age of climate change

A new report has been released by the Polaris Institute called, “Electric Car Report: What are the prospects for an electric car industry in Canada and is this a real or false solution for climate change.” The report contributes to the ongoing discussion about the greening of automobiles by highlighting how Canada could become a production centre for electric vehicles and raising important questions about the role of electric vehicles in mitigating climate change.

Check out Peter Kent's love story (and send him a note of your own)!

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