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UN climate talks kick off with a triple Fossil of the Day for Canada

The Canadian Government, led by returning Environment Minister John Baird, has kicked off the UN climate talks in Cancun by winning an incredible first, second and third place Fossil of the Day awards! With three consecutive Colossal Fossil of the Year awards behind them, it seems this government is continuing its reckless approach to climate change in the hopes of setting even more fossil records.

The climate crisis is real and the impacts are already happening. Many countries are forging ahead to take action, while others are sitting on the sidelines watching the impacts worsen and the opportunities for a clean energy future pass their countries by. In the latter category, Canada is at the bottom of the barrel. 

Please check out a variety of creative ways to take action to send a clear message to this government: stop being reckless when it comes to climate change

To follow what is going on:
See our Cancun page here to find out recent news, great blogs, resources and ways to take action.
To learn more about Canada's backtracking since the last UN climate talks in Copenhagen, check out our 'what you need to know' pages.
Check out Eco, the daily newsletter at the UN climate talks, as well as the Fossil of the Day homepage!

Take Action!

As we all know by now, Canada's senate voted down the Climate Change Accountability Act, the only climate legislation being considered in Canada. The Bill, which was repeatedly supported by a majority of Members of Parliament and the Canadian public, was called to a vote when many Senators were absent and without prior debate or going to committee for discussion.

With the UN climate talks kicking off in Cancun, we want you to take action. Check out our Take Action tab on Facebook - or our Take Action Page on the website for 6 creative ways to get involved. Send us more ideas if you have them!


New report reveals Canadian efforts to kill climate change policies in other countries

Never-before released documents obtained by the Climate Action Network reveal that the Government of Canada has established an “Oil Sands Advocacy Strategy” in the Department of Foreign Affairs, and that federal officials are systematically trying to kill clean energy and climate change policies in other countries in order to promote the interests of oil companies.

Check out our new report Here!

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Postmedia: Tories play down accusation of con job on oil sands
Globe and Mail: Canada accused of lobbying against action on climate change
CBC: Feds, Alberta fight foreign climate laws: report
AFP: Canada accused of trying to kill US, EU clean fuel policies

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