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Climate Justice

Canada’s Fair Share in a Climate Constrained World

Over the course of 2009, Climate Action Network Canada and its members will be working together to engage decision-makers and the general public on the importance of helping developing countries adapt to the impacts of global warming and develop clean energy technologies.

This isn’t just the right thing to do; it is also a central part of the discussion at the United Nations climate change negotiations. If industrialized countries refuse to provide this support, the international community will fail to reach agreement on the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol at the December UN climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Canada’s Fair Share in a Climate Constrained World

CAN Canada has released, Canada’s Fair Share in a Climate Constrained World, a report that addresses the following questions:

  • How can the international community carry out an emergency program to stabilize the Earth’s climate while at the same time preserving the right of all people to reach a dignified level of sustainable human development free of the privations of poverty?

  • What are Canada’s obligations likely to be under such a program? Most people would agree that Canada needs to do its fair share to fight climate change, but in a world characterized by both extreme poverty and great wealth, what is Canada’s fair share?

Canada’s Fair Share in a Climate Constrained World: An analysis of Canada’s climate obligations under the Greenhouse Development Rights Framework

Canada’s Fair Share in a Climate Constrained World - Executive Summary

La juste part du Canada dans un monde restreint par le climat - Sommaire

Pembina Institute: Our Fair Share – Canada’s Role in Supporting Global Climate Solutions

Canada’s Fair Share in a Climate Constrained World is based on the Greenhouse Development Rights Framework, produced by EcoEquity, Christian Aid, the Stockholm Environment Institute, and the Heinrich Boll Foundation. An overview of the GDR Framework is available from

We would like to thank the Heinrich Boll Foundation and the United Church of Canada for their support and involvement in the April 2009 Climate Justice Tour.