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End special tax breaks to oil, coal and gas companies

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Climate Action Network Canada releases, Fuelling the Problem, a report on tax breaks to oil and gas companies in Canada.


Canada’s Campaign to Kill Climate Policies Outside Our Borders

Never-before released documents obtained by CAN Canada reveal that the Government of Canada has established an “Oil Sands Advocacy Strategy” in the Department of Foreign Affairs, and that federal officials are systematically trying to kill clean energy and climate change policies in other countries in order to promote the interests of oil companies.

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COP-16, the annual United Nations climate change conference, took place in Cancún, Mexico between November 29th and December 11th, 2010.

In 2009, at the previous conference in Copenhagen, the Harper government's strategy was widely perceived as one of blocking efforts towards a meaningful and binding agreement. Canada was also the only country in the world to return from Copenhagen and announce a weakening in its targets.

While the agreement reached in Cancun represents an improvement over the failed talks in Copenhagen and opens the possibility for countries to negotiate a legally binding agreement in 2011, the Harper government continued to marginalize Canada at the conference.

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Canada wins Fossil of the Year award (again)

COP-16 page


Climate Action News

Inside the current issue:

  • Canada still trying to drag Europe through the tar sands
  • Minister Kent cuts funding to the Canadian Environmental Network
  • Climate Action Network Canada's Annual Report
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Report released under Access to Information  

Degradation in Environ-
ment Canada's Climate Network, Quality Control
and Data Storage

A Call to Repair the

This new report uncovers evidence of Environment Canada’s successful efforts to restrict media access to its own scientists. more

News Releases

Provincial and Territorial Climate Change Leadership in Canada; Nov. 1-2, 2011, Montréal

Nobel Prize Laureates Call on Harper to Stop Tar Sands Expansion

Tar sands action: Why I will be risking arrest today

Open letter: Groups call on Minister Kent to ensure Maxim Power's proposed coal plant plays by the rules

The Government of Canada's record on climate change

Le triste bilan du Gouvernement du Canada
au chapitre des changements climatiques

Opinion editorial: the face of climate corruption in Canada

News Releases

Thousands of Canadians demand for Canada to go beyond coal

Advisory: Thousands of Canadians call for stronger coal regulations

Europe strikes blow against tar sands dirty oil

Unions and environmental groups join ranks to challenge Hudak's attack on Ontario energy legislation

Climate Action Network Canada response to Minister Kent statement on closing Maxim coal loophole

Climate Action Network response to federal coal regulations

Groups call on Minister Kent to ensure Maxim Power's proposed coal plant plays by the rules

Des groupes demandent au ministre Kent de s'assurer que l'usine au charbon proposée par Maxim Power respecte les règles

Ontario stands up to catastophic global warming, will other provinces follow at premier's meeting?

Energy ministers contradict themselves - claim reduced environmental impact while supporting expansion of tar sands

Ad asks whether national energy strategy will be "all hat, no cattle"

Energy ministers must prove that they are not captives of their oil industry sponsors

Clean energy opportunities for Ontario farmers: new report on harvesting clean energy on Ontario farms

Harvesting clean energy on Ontario farms

First Nations and environmental leaders in Washington to discuss new reality of Canadian majority government with U.S. tar sands decision makers

Climate Calendar Report


More Edmontonians choosing city transit

One family's environmental Love story

Horn of Africa famine due to climate change and other causes

2011 Shaping up to be the year of the forest fire

U.N. Secuirty Council to take up climate change

Exxon has yet to craft Montana pipeline fix plan

Star power pushing back against Keystone XL pipeline

U.S. legislation presses Obama on Keystone XL pipeline decision

Capital Power seals wind project deal

Province wise to take role in developing carbon-capture technology

'Pretty bleak situation': Mass extinctions in oceans predicted

China's CO2 stats soaring; Emissions up 10.4% in 2010

Triple price of gas to save planet, climate expert argues

Canada's UN climate inventory data clashes with new Environment Canada report

North America's largest forest carbon project launches, sells $4-million in credits

Federal Policy on Emissions has Little Effect

'Bad news' on global warming before key talks; UN climate chief urges negotiators in Bonn to heed carbon emissions data

'Bad news' on global warming before key talks; UN climate chief urges
negotiators in Bonn to heed carbon emissions data

Natural Disasters Displaced 42-million Last Year

Do more to protect forests or pay a heavy cost: study

Hot enough for you? Preparing for Canada's 100-year heat wave

Forget the sex, new revolution calls for 'sustainability'

British authorities see link between fracking and quakes

U.S. lawmakers want Keystone pipe risks re-examined

Climate change to ravage arctic ice roads 

Canadian Environment Week pays tribute to our forests

Oxfam warns that food crisis will occur within next two decades. Climate change large contributor

May urges Harper to be more like Mulroney on environment and in treatment of opposition parties

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

Feds considered hiring PR firm to polish image of oilsands

Future Watch: Audi launched e-gas initiative

Gas Tax Honesty Day celebrated by advocacy group

Pedal power takes Kelowna farmer's crops to market

Germany to subsidize electric vehicles

Welcome to the Anthropocene

Scientists link some severe weather to climate change

Outgoing A-G warns of hard choices; Fiscal pressures

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Tarnished Earth: the destruction of Canada's boreal forest


A New Kind of Crime Against Humanity?: The Fossil Fuel Industry's Disinformation Campaign On Climate Change

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