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Election 2011

Let's Make the Climate Count!

The writ has dropped and the campaign machines are in high gear - but what are you going to do in the lead up to the election to make sure that every politician in the country knows that climate change, the green economy, and the environment are front and centre in Canadian's minds? We need to ensure without strong commitments to take action on climate change, politicians know that they wont get our votes.

Here is some food for thought as campaigns move full steam ahead - remember one of the most important things you can do for the climate in the coming weeks is to make sure it is an election issue and make sure you vote!

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What we need from each and every political party and what we need from you

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What we need to see from each and every federal party

As we go to the polls, every canditate that hopes to represent you needs to know that you demand urgent action on climate change. We need to get off of fossil fuels and onto safe, clean, and reliable renewable energy. Any government needs to be accountable to what Canadians want, and Canadians want urgent action.

Make sure that the candidates in your riding know that in order to get your vote they must:

  • End handouts to big oil
  • Take real action to reduce industrial pollution
  • Ramp up investments in clean, safe and reliable renewable energy
  • Respect the will of Canadians and Parliament who want urgent action on climate change
  • Play a leadership role in the international community by taking action to reduce our greenhouse gas pollution and help poorer countries cope with climate impacts
  • Respect the leadership other countries are showing on clean energy and climate change, and learn from them instead of attacking them
  • Ensure Canadian climate scientists can publically and freely share their research and expertise

To see the recent government's record on climate change visit here

What we need from you

1. Vote! The most basic and important thing you can do is to vote for a party you beleive is going to take real action on climate change.

2. Double, triple or quadruple your impact. All of us have people we know that don't get out and vote - this time around, take them with you and show them how empowering democracy can be!

3. Engage the candidates in your riding. Guess what - candidates are desperate for your vote, show up to townhall meetings, rallies, call their offices and tell them what they and their party would need to do to get your vote.

4. Spread the word. Unfortunately lots of Canadians don't always have the information they need to make informed decisions at the polls. Talk to people and give them tips on how they can stay in the loop. Check out our resources and tools section to get started.

5. Make your opinion heard. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, comment boards, opinion editorials, letters to the editor, on the street - there are countless ways to make sure that people, media and politicians are listening.

6. Follow us! We are doing our best to Facebook, Tweet, Blog, track and all in all stay on top of the climate change and energy aspects of these elections. If we arent, then use the space to add your two cents!


Resources and Tools

Fact sheets:


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