Another fossil for yet another broken promise…

Canada is awarded a Fossil of the Day award in Doha for yet another broken promise….

The text of the award was as follows:

‘Oh Canada. When will you give fossil a break? You have failed on Kyoto and you are embarrassing on mitigation, but it seems you will not be content until you hit rock bottom on finance too. You won a first place fossil two days ago for holding finance in the green climate fund hostage, and now we have confirmed you are also breaking with agreed practice when it comes to NAMA support.

By walking away from the agreement to provide information on the support available to the NAMA registry, as you indicated yesterday in the SBI, you are not only breaking promises but you are destroying trust. Canada, it is true that we gave up on you a long time ago, but we had hoped if you weren’t going to do anything about your emissions you would at least do your fair share to support those suffering from your soaring pollution.

Lets break it down:

Oh Canada. When will you give fossil a break? 
No money, no target, no pledges to make. 
Mitigation? No way. Kyoto? Won’t play.
GCF or NAMA no new money coming from our way. 
Oh Canada, we thought you were done. 
Promises broke, trust left with no-one, 
Progress, you keep stalling. Your stock keeps on falling, 
Positions on finance, mitigation, and more…frankly appalling.’

The Fossil of the Day is a long-standing tradition in the UN climate talks and is voted on and awarded by an international network of over 800 civil society organizations. It is presented daily to the country or countries that do the most to undermine global efforts to address climate change.