Don’t be naive on climate change, Norway’s former PM cautions Canada

Gro Harlem Brundtland, former prime minister of Norway, was keynote speaker on Monday at the International Polar Year conference in Montreal. Dr. Brundtland has headed the World Health Organization and served as a UN climate change envoy.

In her speech, she said warming temperatures have dramatically affected the globe’s polar regions. The Arctic Ocean ice has shrunk and will likely disappear within 30 to 40 years, permafrost is thawing, and Antarctica is losing ice and witnessing above-average warming in the Southern Ocean, she said.

“The Polar Regions are now being drawn into the rest of the world at a much accelerated pace,” she said.

Dr. Brundtland told delegates that despite the weaknesses of the Kyoto Protocol, the world can’t afford to push it aside without an alternative, as global emissions steadily increase. Read more …