Dirty Oil Diplomacy: The Canadian Government’s Global Push to Sell the Tar Sands

Dirty Oil Diplomacy Cover

The new report, Dirty Oil Diplomacy – The Canadian Government’s Global Push to Sell the Tar Sands, outlines the changing domestic and international policies of the Canadian government as they work to expand the tar sands – Canada’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas pollution. This report is based on hundreds of pages of documents obtained through Canadian freedom of information laws. It paints a clear picture for the first time of the tar sands advocacy strategy, a collaborative effort of the Governments’ of Canada and Alberta along with industry to ensure that no doors are closed to Canada’s highly polluting tar sands.

The full report is available below; Executive Summaries in English and French are also available.

Le rapport est disponible en français ici. Cliquez ici pour le sommaire.

Source: Climate Action Network Canada / Draw The Line

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