February 9, 2012: Lobby-busting tour tells EU embassies: don’t give in to pressure from the Canadian government


Lobby-busting tour tells EU embassies: don’t give in to pressure from the Canadian government

Last week, we briefly told you about a lobby-busting tour being held by representatives from Climate Action Network Canada, the Council of Canadians, and the Indigenous Environmental Network. Over several days, these three groups met with EU embassies in Ottawa to give a different perspective from the pro-tar sands lobbying that the Canadian government has been doing in Europe. The government has been fighting against the European Commision’s planned Fuel Quality Directive, which seeks to assign carbon emissions values to varying fuel sources in order to promote usage of lower carbon fuels. Oil from the tar sands was assigned a higher carbon emissions value because of the intense extraction process, so the Canadian government has been fighting the Directive in order to protect the tar sands.

“The Harper Government has failed Canadians and the world by refusing to take the climate crisis seriously,” says Hannah McKinnon of Climate Action Network Canada. “Instead of fighting a pollution battle at home, the government has chosen to fight a Public Relations battle abroad –it is pathetic that our government is putting more energy into trying to kill climate change policies in other countries than doing its fair share to fight climate change in Canada.”

The lobby-busting tour set out to counter some of the inaccuracies and outright lies that the Harper government has been spouting, and get the truth into the hands of the EU decision-makers. Check out:

Climate Action Network’s press release

Green groups slam Big Oil on ‘lobby-busting tour’

Environmentalists try to undermine oil sands

Green groups lobby embassies on EU fuel

Video: Lobby Busting Tour of EU Embassies

Hundreds rally against Enbridge pipeline

The oil industry may have thought that the Northern Gateway pipeline was a foregone conclusion, but they are getting a bigger fight than they bargained for. Last Saturday, hundreds of residents of Prince Rupert, BC, gathered to protest the pipeline that would carry tar sands oil from Alberta to Kitimat. Coastal residents are extremely concerned about the very high risk of a spill from the tankers that would have to navigate the dangerous Douglas Channel in order to carry the oil to China. The rally was hosted by the Hartley Bay First Nations, whose land is right at the mouth of the Douglas Channel. Check out the video.

Photo: Ian McAllister

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